The museum hosts a program of family days on the first Saturday of every month, 11am to 1pm. The theme changes every month. Topics range from archaeology, inventions, traditional crafts, geek culture, Texas history, and everywhere in between. Family Days are always free and offer a variety of activities for kids of different ages. Find out about upcoming family days on our events calendar or on our facebook page.


Family Days are Back!

We took a break from family days during 2017 due to construction around our campus, but we are happy to be back in the Family Day business as of December 2017! Check out our video celebrating the renewal of this great program!

Keep an eye on our event calendar for information about upcoming family days!

Saturday, January 6, 11am-1pm
Cabin Fever Fun Day
Did you spend too much time cooped up over the holidays? Family driving you crazy? Treat your Cabin Fever with a trip to the Railroad & Heritage Museum for fun activities and free admission to the special “Sign of the Times” exhibit. Enjoy one last day of celebration before getting back to the regular grind.

Saturday, February 3, 11am-1pm
Geek Out! Family Day
Calling all wizards, super-heroes, princesses, galactic explorers, and geeked-out friends! Whether you’re into history, comic books, model trains, mad science, princesses, space aliens, or mythic battles, this is the place to be. Make it extra fun by coming in costume and enjoy a variety of “geeky” activities.

Saturday, March 3, 11am-1pm
Homespun History Family Day
We’re doing it old-school! Take a step back in time and learn about traditional crafts like spinning, lace-making, sewing, clay- working, or cheese making. Watch the experts demonstrate their skills and try your hand at crafting your own old-fashioned masterpiece. There may even be goats!

Saturday, April 7, 11am-1pm
Gone to Texas! Family Day
Come celebrate what it means to be Texan! Whether you are a native or just moved here, come see what made Texas great.

Saturday, May 5, 11am-1pm
Celebrating the Great American Back Yard
We’re hosting the Smithsonian’s exhibit “Patios, Pools, and the Invention of the American Back Yard.” Come help us celebrate with some great retro backyard games and activities. We promise not to make you mow the grass.

Saturday, June 2, 11am-1pm
Explorer Family Day
You might think Marco Polo is just a game to play in the pool, but did you know he was also a famous explorer? From sailing the seven seas, to mapping the United States, there is always someplace and something to discover. Have an adventure with us as you learn about famous explorers and get ideas for your next adventure, even if it’s in the backyard!